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The decisions you or your controls make are only as good as the information received. 

Expect Your Level Sensors to…

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  Have all the working components above grade for easy troubleshooting and repair.

  Provide quality information for decision making – both Accurate and Timely.

  Provide long-term reliability and stability.

  Improve the overall operation and efficiency of your landfill systems.

The Sligo Systems’ Above Grade Level Sensor (AGLS) is a highly accurate and reliable means of measuring remote sump liquid levels.  The only components that go into the sump or riser are the solid HDPE flow tube and atmospheric vent tube. 

A variable speed pneumatic pump is used to pressurize the flow tube, producing a small stream of bubbles at bottom of the sump or inlet of the pump.  By measuring the pressure in the flow tube and the pressure of the sump atmosphere, the fluid level in the sump can be accurately calculated.

All electronics and sensor elements are contained in an above grade NEMA 4X enclosure and away from the hazardous sump atmosphere. This configuration provides easy access for maintenance and troubleshooting.

No more pulling pumps to resolve level sensor issues.

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