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Safety is priority one and Sligo Systems recommends incorporation of breakout junction boxes into the power, flowmeter, and level/pressure transducer cabling systems to ensure that no gas migration occurs from the sump into the control panel.  Running your cabling directly to the control panel can be dangerous and costly.  These simple inexpensive box systems provide a positive stop to prevent any dangerous/explosive and corrosive gases from migrating through conduit or cable jackets and entering the control panels.


  Meets NEMA 4X Standards

  Hinged front door and pad-lockable quick release latches to facilitate
   easy access

  All exposed fittings and fixtures are stainless steel

  Electrical terminal connections inside box are DIN rail mounted

  Gas Tight  ‘Seal Off’ Fittings with an epoxy based potting compound
    to prevent gas migration into the control panel

Breakout Boxes

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