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The electromechanical systems of your landfill business are strictly an expense and can greatly impact your profitability over the lifetime of your landfill site.  Sligo Systems takes this long term thinking to heart by providing products and services that combat the conditions that increase your cost and ultimately your bottom line.

Expect Your System Controls to Give You Custom Capabilities At Standard Pricing…

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Expect Your Controls to Be Easy to Use

• Programmable logic controller (PLC) and user friendly LCD touch-screen interface.
• Easily monitor your systems current condition – Level, Flow, and Pressure.
• Review system historical trend charts + time stamped alarm log.
• Simple, direct entry to change system setpoints.

Expect Your Controls to Protect Your System

• Multiple levels of protection.
• Low flow and high amp draw warnings.
• No flow shutoff with multiple retry attempts.
• Pump overrun protection.
• A wide range of specific alarms to simplify and speed up troubleshooting.
• Circuit Breaker Branch Protection to enables quick resets .
• Dedicated surge suppression on both power and instrumentation circuits.
• Voltage / Phase Loss Protection.
• Password protected direct keypad for input of system changes.

Expect Your Controls to Be Flexible and Expandable

Sligo Systems’ control panels are ready when your needs change by incorporating additional I/O ports that integrate easily with new system equipment.

Expect Your Controls to Have SCADA Capability

Sligo Systems’ controls are ready when you are for SCADA telemetry via Ethernet, Serial or Cellular Links – Tremendous savings when time to upgrade.  

Expect Your Controls to Meet Stringent Industry Guidelines

Sligo Systems’ control panels are UL Listed and Labeled under UL Standard 508A - Enclosed Industrial Control Panels or Standard 698A - depending on the application environment.

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