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The decisions you or your controls make are only as good as the information received. 

Expect Your Flowmeters to…

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  Incorporate rugged materials and designs
    specifically for the harsh leachate and gases
    found in landfill environments.

  Provide quality information for decision
    making –   both Accurate and Timely.

  Provide long-term reliability and stability.

  Improve the overall operation and
    efficiency of your landfill systems.

The Rosemount 8700 series flowmeters are designed to measure the flow of conductive liquids in full pipes.  The sensor and transmitter can be provided as either an integral assembly or as a remote mount configuration.

The design is based on Faraday’s Law which states that the voltage induced in a conductor moving through a magnetic field is proportional to the velocity of that conductor.  In this way, the flowmeter measures the flow velocity of the pumped liquid as it passes through the obstructionless flow tube.  Volumetric flow rate is then calculated based on meter size and  measured velocity.

The flowmeter’s high signal frequency makes it ideal for accurate measurement in applications with high levels of noise induced by entrained solids.  This, coupled with the through flow, solid state construction create a reliable, rugged package for landfill flow measurement.

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