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The SRX LP is an air powered landfill pump based on a simple, innovative design and built with field-proven components. The result: a reliable pump to meet the harsh landfill environment.

Expect your pneumatic pumps to provide...

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More Uptime:

          - Reliable
          - Simple Routine Maintenance

Competitive Price

Easy Replacement for Existing Pump

Few Parts - Low Inventory

Better Value

Advanced, positive-sealing air valves with built-in filtration

Air valves externally accessible for easy maintenance

  Tolerance for high temperatures

  Complete disassembly with only one wrench

  All-stainless-steel body

  Domed bottom to prevent hang-ups during installation

  Durable Ebonite float

  Light weight

Significant Advantages Over Competing Designs

SRX LP Pneumatic Pump
SRX Performance
SRX LP Pneumatic Pump Cut Sheet
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