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The decisions you or your controls make are only as good as the information received. 

Expect Your Pressure Sensors to…

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  Incorporate rugged materials and designs specifically for the harsh leachate and
    gases found in landfill environments.

  Provide quality information for decision making – both Accurate and Timely.

  Provide long-term reliability and stability.

  Improve the overall operation and efficiency of your landfill

The PS209 series of pressure sensors offers a wide range of options while providing exceptional reliability in extreme environments. 

The proven center-mount electrode configuration is the heart of this simple design.  A 17-4PH stainless steel sensor and a rigid stainless steel electrode form the variable capacitor.  Encased in a Stainless Steel and Valox housing the PS209 Pressure Sensors are small, lightweight and compatible with system designs.

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Pressure Sensor Cut Sheet
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