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Sligo Systems’ SCADA Systems integrate easily with virtually any manufacturers’ equipment including pump stations, flares, storage tanks, weather stations, etc. 

Expect Your SCADA System to Be Easy to Install

Expect Your SCADA System to Be Easy to Use

  Access your system from remote locations via a password protected, encrypted internet connection.
   Easily monitor your systems’ current condition – Level, Flow, and Pressure.
   Monitor an unlimited number of parameters.
   Review your systems’ historical trending.
   Easily change system setpoints or start/stop equipment with the click of a mouse.
   Easily integrate with a variety of Data formats (SQL, Access, Excel, etc.)

Expect your SCADA System to Communicate With You

Sligo Systems’ SCADA System lets you know when something needs attention through an alarm notification feature.  You have the ability to set up to 8 “rule-based” contacts that will be notified via e-mail and/or text message. You define who gets notified when.

   Monitor and control your equipment instantly from any computer with an internet connection.
   Generate reports as needed or schedule them to run at predetermined times in familiar Excel format.
   Access performance data trends easily for preventative maintenance planning.
   Troubleshoot your system instantly and have “On-site” factory support available via the internet within
     minutes, not hours or days.
   All hardware, software and communication protocols are open and non-proprietary.
   Maintain data integrity and confidentiality by storing your data on your systems.

Expect Your SCADA System to Save You Time and Money

Expect Your SCADA System to Give You Power to Monitor and Control Your System From Anywhere…

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SCADA Cut Sheet

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