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Welcome to Sligo Systems.

Sligo Systems, specializing in custom built leachate and gas condensate pumping systems and controls, has become one of the most innovative suppliers to the solid waste industry.  Our  advancements in the design of these rugged and durable  pumps allows for true solids handling and run dry capabilities, coupled with our intuitive microcontroller based control panels, provide simplicity and reliability. Our control panels are infinitely field-upgradeable, often requiring no additional hardware to be installed thanks to this computer technology. This gives management and operators unsurpassed flexibility in system operation and future expansion/upgrades.

Sligo Systems offers monitoring and control systems that give landfill operator’s access to their critical processes from anywhere they have a live internet connection.  Or, if manpower is an issue, Sligo offers services to monitor and collate daily information on leachate and gas condensate systems on the customer’s behalf. This allows the customer or Sligo Systems’ technicians to identify trends which could lead to manual intervention prior to a failure, reducing down time and maintenance costs. This proactive approach provides the user with the ability to manage these electromechanical systems methodically rather than by crisis. This system also streamlines the collection and dissemination of mandatory data to the regulatory authorities.

It is our goal to provide our clients with second-to-none customer support including a 24 hour/day helpline. We can ship spare parts from stock and we have the ability to provide component parts for other manufacturers’ products to support your needs. Reducing delivery time, net cost and backing this up with the best technical assistance available all contribute towards our goal to be your partner of choice.

Please give us a call with your questions and challenges.  We will be glad to hear from you.

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