Your System Operation Data Anywhere

VCMS™ Visual Compliance Monitoring System

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Finally a way to view all of your data when you need it.

Using SCADA technology, SLIGO’s VCMS™ (Visual Compliance Monitoring System) is compatible with existing equipment, easy to use, and quick to implement giving you better and more reliable data to make more informed decisions. Revolutionize the way you monitor your facilities, creating a compliance centric infrastructure, all while increasing efficiency and eliminating the need for physical surveillance.

Tailored For You

Just like every SLIGO technology solution, VCMS™ is custom implemented to scale up or down based on your facility needs. And because VCMS™ is compatible with any existing monitoring equipment, you don’t have to change a thing to start collecting your data.

Real-Time Updates

VCMS™ technology not only provides up-to-the-minute data on all of your systems in real time, you’ll never need to worry about versioning or reinstallations. VCMS™ software is always running the latest version, with no annual licensing.

All Your Meters on Every Device

Using our web portal, all you need is a simple login to view your site’s administrative, historical, and emergency data, so you can verify compliance and optimize system operations from anywhere in the world.

All Your Systems At A Glance

By pairing 1:1 meter readouts with your database, SLIGO’s VCMS™ technology gives operators and environmental managers a complete picture of their pumps and control data, in real-time.


VCMS™ Provides operators the ability to manage multiple facilities efficiently by monitoring one dashboard that displays real-time data from various systems and locations

  • Leachate Treatment Tanks
  • LFG Components
  • Water Treatment Operations
  • Odor Control Systems
  • Portfolio Management
  • Single Site
  • Multiple Site
  • State-wide
  • Regional
  • National